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Church Underfloor Heating

Dry Approach

JUPITER Heating Systems takes pride in its two-decade track record of effectively providing innovative underfloor heating solutions tailored specifically for churches.

Our distinctive approach sets us apart—we’ve mastered the art of heating without relying on traditional wet trades like concrete or cement. As staunch proponents of dry-install systems, we are committed to preserving the integrity of the building fabric. Our method not only accelerates the construction timeline but also demonstrates our dedication to respecting the historical significance of each church.

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No Wet Trades

By avoiding wet trades, we contribute to a more efficient build process while safeguarding archaeological treasures. This approach ensures that any historical remnants within the church premises are conserved for the benefit of future generations. At JUPITER Heating Systems, we’re not just heating spaces; we’re preserving legacies.

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JUPITER Heating Systems

JUPITER excels in the comprehensive spectrum of underfloor heating solutions—from design and manufacturing to supply and installation of highly engineered systems. Our expertise extends beyond underfloor heating; we provide guidance and services for new or replacement boilers, as well as with ground or air source heat pumps.

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Tailored Solutions

For those engaged in the refurbishment of churches or historic buildings, we invite you to contact us. Our team of experts stand ready to offer invaluable advice and tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of preserving and enhancing these cherished structures. Trust JUPITER for a holistic approach to heating solutions that prioritize efficiency, innovation, and the specific needs of your restoration projects.

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Download our Brochure

Download our handy little pamphlet on heating churches with low temperature underfloor heating and heat pumps.

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Whether you’re a church member, architect, or engineer, we welcome you to reach out for friendly advice on the optimal heating solutions for your church.

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